It doesn’t matter whether you’re running Google Adwords, Google Display ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads or some other form of pay per click advertising … if they aren’t producing a great result for you, it’s because of one or more of these things;

1. The copy or creative doesn’t sell

2. You’re targeting the wrong keywords

3. The campaign isn’t being optimised so your cost per click (CPC) is higher than it could be.

4. Once people visit your website or landing page, they’re not converting to an enquiry or a purchase

5. OR … PPC simply isn’t a profitable lead generation method for your particular business.

The truth is, your PPC and Search Engine Marketing efforts need to be look at through the above filters.

After all, at the end of the day, what matters is how much it costs you to attract a new client.

That’s why we look at the optimisation of your PPC results, as part of your overall lead generation campaign activities.

More specifically, we analyse the opt- in offers you’re using, the big idea behind the campaign, the landing page or website you’re driving them to, and the follow up email autoresponders you’re running. We then optimise each of these elements.

And that’s why we don’t offer a standalone PPC management service.  For example, you could have a PPC ad with an awesome click thru rate (CTR) and low cost per click (CPC) but if your website or landing page doesn’t sell, you’re wasting money so we’d be doing you a disservice simply managing your PPC for you.

Our PPC management services start from $500 per month.