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Accountants ... Write your own Linkedin Profile that Sells... in minutes using these easy, fill-in-the-blanks , industry-specific templates

“Nothing compares to Kris’ writing ability and strategic marketing thinking”

“Kris Mills is without a doubt the most ‘results producing’ marketing person in Australia. I have used many over the years and nothing compares to Kris’s writing ability and strategic marketing thinking. Her style is punchy, direct and it works. Every time I use Kris’s services she produces results.”

Rob Nixon

Use this Subheading for the Most Important Differentiator of Your Product

Want to make life even easier for yourself and create a highly professional, rapport building, sales-focused LinkedIn Profile that sells … in minutes.

I’ve created some fill-in-the-blanks template for you.

Grab our Accounting Firm LinkedIn profile that selels – fill in the blanks temp.late.

We ask you some simple questions and.

We charge $500 or more to write a LinkedIN profile for our clients. This LinkedIn profile that sells template enables you to get the benefit of our strategic thought processes, words that sell, and xxxxx … for a fraction of that amount.

Here’s how it works …

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent to a page that asks you some very pointed questions that dig deeply into what makes you different, hwo your clients are and what makes them tick.


SAVE up to $500 or more in Copywriting Fees

To have Kristina write your profile summary from scratch, she charges $500 or more however has a minimum project fee of $2,000. With Linkedin Profile that Sells templates you get the benefit of Kristina's 'words that sell' writing ability for a fraction of that amount.

  • Written by a top profile copywriter, IKristina Mills, who has helped clients product 6 and 7 figure sales increases.
  • Forget boring LinkedIn profile summary templates. Kristina's writing method makes your profile jump off the page. Now - she has dissected it and put it back together in a fill in the blanks format that meaks it easy for you to create your own.
  • 7 key places to show social proof in a way that encourages you to xxxx. There are 5 key
  • Most importantly: don't be afraid of limiting your audience. Don't make vague statements that include everyone. Make statements that clearly address your target market. If no one stops reading and leaves here, the section is pointless.
  • A point you make here could include the elements: who your visitor is, what they do, what they've tried and a problem they still have. E.g. "You're a small business owner and you're aware of security risks, but all the backup solutions you've tried are out of your price range."

 Here's what you get

A visual element for each feature, some text to explain the benefits plus the sheer number of features make this an effective selling point:

Linkedin Headline/Tagline Creator

In this paragraph, explain the feature in terms of how it makes your product more useful for your customer.

LinkedIn Client Attraction Strategy Video Lessons

For a more in-depth understanding of what goes into creating a sizzling LinkedIn profile summary, we've made these easy to follow videos that dissect the various elements of your profile summary as well as other feares on the LinkedIn site that help you attract new clients.

Easy to use, fill in the blanks Industry-Specific Profile Summary templates - Just Fill in the Blanks

If you're in a hurry and don't have time to watch the accompany videos, simply go straight to the templates and follow the instructions. You'll have your own sizzling profile summary written in minutes.

Keyword Selection Resource to Increase Your Search Rankings

For information products, use a section like this to advertise each major chapter or section in the product.

The Power Word Tool

Boring words lack impact.  Power words sell. Once you've filled in the blanks in your template just scan the verbs, nouns and adjectives in Kristina's Power Word Thesaurus to give your profile summary a final polish.

Thought provoking probing questions that help you look at your business in an entirely new way

If you're selling to a tech-savvy audience, don't shy away from being technical in your feature descriptions.

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A Text Section with a Subheading

This is the most repeatable section on the page. You can use text sections like this repeatedly, to explain details about your product, elaborate on the major benefits you offer and much more.

Beware the wall of text. We've used many visual elements and a lot of visual variety on this page. This is meant to keep readers engaged. Make sure that you don't hit them with a wall of text in your text sections. Lots of text isn't a bad thing, but break it up with short paragraphs, highlighted text and occasional images.

Address your visitor's objections. A text section like this is ideal for addressing objections. Whenever you get pre-purchase questions especially pay attention to anything that's keeping your prospects from making a purchase. What makes them hesitate? What are they unsure about? These are points you can address here, on your sales page.

Add Testimonials for Social Proof

"Testimonials are a great way to add some social proof to your sales page and they usually increase conversions (although it's still something you should test)."

John Doe, ACME Inc.

What the Perfect Testimonial Looks Like

"We've created a simple but excellent testimonial layout for you here. It consists of a headline (the best sentence or statement from the testimonial), the testimonial text itself, an image and a name/byline.

And of course, it's all beautifully designed so your testimonials make a great impression!"

Jane Doe, OtherCorp

This is the "What You Get" Section.

This is another call to action section, with a few conversion boosting elements.

Add a heading and a large image of your product. In the text section above the product, describe exactly what your customer gets after making the purchase. The clearer your visitor is about what they will get, the less friction there is before the purchase.

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Simply, if you're not 100% happy with the value you've received, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your investment in full. No questions asked.

Add More Testimonials Here, After the Main Call to Purchase

"Visitors have had several opportunities to purchase the product, so if they're still scrolling at this point, they're still unsure. Testimonials are a great way to sway undecided visitors."

John Doe

Testimonials With Specific Details Win

"Don't just list testimonials that are gushingly positive about your product or company in general. Although those can help, the best testimonials are ones that include specific details.

For example, a customer saying how something went wrong, but your support staff was extremely fast and helpful can be better than just another customer saying everything was excellent."

Jane Doe

More Testimonials...

"We're nearing the end of the sales page, so adding many more testimonials here can work in your favor. In the first testimonials section, show just two or three of your best ones. But here, you can list dozens, to try and sway those undecided visitors."

John Doe


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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What experience do you have working with the Accounting profession?

Heatmaps Are Your Friend

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A subheading, an image and a strong call to action: this section is all about getting your visitor to click the button and start the purchase process.