Types of businesses we write copy for:

For us to write copy for you, you’ll need to have an established product or service that the market place wants.

Launching a new product or a start-up company?

We may still be able to help you depending on what type of business or product you have.  With ‘new’ products and companies we gets involved at the launch phase mapping out a launch plan, doing research and getting the fundamentals right before we ‘go-to-market’.

Copywriting turnaround times:

We usually work on a 14 day turnaround with 3 days for ‘emergency’ copywriting projects.

Availability depends on my schedule. Sometimes we are booked out 2 – 3 months in advance however we’ll let you know availability when we talk.

We understand that this is a deadline driven industry so we’ll do our best to accommodate. Emergency projects sometimes attract a surcharge.

Minimum copywriting project fee:

It takes time to get to dig out the ‘gold’ in your product, get inside your customer’s heads, develop a winning big idea and then write sizzling direct response copy. That’s why we have a minimum project fee of $1,500 unless otherwise stated on the project-specific page you’re looking at.

The copywriting process:

Step one is to arrange a 30 minute to 1 hour discovery consultation with you over the phone where we get to know more about what you want to achieve, more about your customers and your product.

Next – we write copy for you and provide you with a first draft for your review. We discuss changes or tweaks and we make them (often there are very few).

Results to expect:

Can we guarantee a result?

No. No copywriter can because timing, competition, and many other factors that are out of my control, have an impact on your results. Having said that, we have consistently improved my clients’ results by anywhere from 20 to 320%.

What we can do though, is guarantee to beat your ‘control’. If my copy doesn’t produce better results than a measurable piece you have been running, We’ll keep providing rewrites until it does produce an improvement.

Copywriting payment and fees:

We work on a 50% deposit to secure a project start date and the remaining 50% upon submission of first draft.  You can pay either via credit card, direct deposit or Paypal.

How to find out more:

To find out more about how we can work together, just schedule a 15 minute phone or Skype chat and we will find out your needs and provide you with a price from there.

FTC Compliance Disclosure

Results mentioned on this website have been shared with us by clients. Most clients don’t share their results with us so we aren’t aware of an expected average, across the board result. In other words, we cannot guarantee that you will experience a specific result as there are many variables such as timing, market conditions, the type of letter sent, the competitive environment and many other factors that determine results. Similarly, we can only provide you with the tools to use to produce results. If you don’t use the product you won’t experience a result.