Imagine Growing Your List by 100 - 500  and Getting 20 - 100 "I'm Hungry to Buy" Enquiries  Each Week ... While Cutting Your Cost-Per-Lead by as Much as 33%



Yes, it's possible with Facebook advertising. Many of our clients have achieved results like these or better.

But here's the thing ...

A lot of companies have a love/hate relationship with Facebook advertising.  They know that a lot of businesses are making six and multi-seven figure amounts on the platform, but every time they try it themselves, it doesn't work.

Sound familiar?

Facebook advertising is a potential gold mine for any business. The trouble is, it's so complex and ever-changing that it's vital you speak to an expert who has a proven track record of results. Otherwise you're wasting your time and money.

But when you hit that sweet spot, you can:

  • Double your sales and put your lead generation on autopilot.
  • Attract more highly qualified clients by laser targeting 'buyer-ready' clients.
  • Shorten your sales cycle with top-of-mind awareness tactics that get results
  • Increase your profit per sale
  • Save time on prospecting, cold calling, networking and other labour intensive activities

6 Factors that Bring You More Leads for Every Facebook Ad Dollar You Spend

  • 1. The Strategy & Offer

    Getting the strategy right is everything. Do you want buyer-ready leads? Do you want to build your list? Who is your ideal buyer and where can they be found? What does your sales process look like?  Then – what’s the best offer and the best strategy to achieve your objectives? Before we kick off, we go through a 47 point strategy development process to answer all of these questions and more before we kick off.

  • 2. Targeting

    Demographics, behaviours, interests, relationship status, birthdays, home ownership, devices etc… the list of targeting options is endless.  This myriad of targeting options means you can powerfully attract the right audience. The key is knowing which options work, which don’t and which are a fit with your ideal audience. We’ve experimented with so many different targeting options we know which drive high quality low-cost clicks and which don’t.

  • 3. The Ad Set-Up

    The type of Ad, the delivery method, the scheduling, the bidding, and the targeting all make a big difference to your results.   Through studying what works and through seeing what works for our clients, we know which options to use and which to avoid.

  • 4. Ad Creative

    The types of images, the types and lengths of video, the headlines and newsfeed text all work together to influence how many people click through to your landing page. We rigorously test all different combinations to optimize the performance of your ads.

  • 5. Timing

    The time of the day and the day of the week affects your results so we closely monitor when you’re getting the most high quality leads at the best price and schedule your ads around those periods.

  • 6. Testing & Tweaking

    This is an ongoing process. We establish a control then we continually test and measure different ad variations to continually improve your results.

What Clients Say About Words that Sell founder, Kristina Mills

“Kris Mills is without a doubt the most ‘results producing’ marketing person in Australia. I have used many over the years and nothing compares to Kris’s writing ability and strategic marketing thinking. Her style is punchy, direct and it works. Every time I use Kris’s services she produces results.”

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