If you’re running a webinar you’ll not only want a high converting landing page, you’ll also want compelling email auto responder copywriting to keep communicating with people once they have signed up.

Why? Because post-purchase dissonance sets in. Just because they were excited about attending and signing up, doesn’t mean they’re going to attend the webinar.

5 important goals for you email autoresponder series

  1. Remind them of what a great decision they made signing up for the webinar
  2. Keep them excited about the benefits of attending
  3. Add value to them before they attend the webinar to give them so they know that it’s going to be worthwhile attending.
  4. Build rapport with them so they like you and want to listen to you.
  5. Remind them of the dates and how important it is that they attend.

 4 timing factors for your webinar autoresponders

Timing is another very important factor to consider. More specifically:

  • The timing between promoting the webinar and running the webinar – there’s definitely a sweet spot.
  • The number and the timing of the email autoresponders (even the hour you send it at on the later emails plays a key role)
  • The integration of other marketing media to maximise attendances eg. remarkeitng ads and SMS messages further boost show-ups.
  • And – when and what email autoresponders your send after you’ve run the event will significantly boost your conversions too.

As with any type of direct response copywriting, there’s a bit of art and a bit of science to writing auto-responder sequences that maximise your webinar attendances and minimise drop-offs. Let us help you with that. As direct response copywriters we’re experts in writing email autoresponders that produce results.