We specialise in lead funnels, sales pages, online course & program launches & Facebook advertising campaigns ... for trainers, speakers, coaches, consultants & professional service firms.

If you're about to launch a new campaign or a new website or your existing copy isn't getting a results ... it makes sense to engage a direct response copywriter who specialises in lead funnels, conversion copy and content writing that sells.

We have a team of world class direct response copywriters headed by Kristina Mills who has been an internationally recognised direct response copywriting expert for 25 years.

  • Product Launch Campaigns - (start to finish)

  • Website Content

  • Sales Pages

  • Landing Pages

  • Webinar Scripts

  • Email Campaigns

  • Lead Funnels

  • Storytelling Content



  • A series of ads (property investment industry) that consistently produced between 150 and 200 attendances per week in Brisbane and attracted 600 and 1200 seminar registrations for Sydney and Melbourne events.
  • That same company went from zero to $3.4million in commissions in 18 months and became the leader in their industry.
  • A start up achieved over $200,000 in sales from a product launch. (we did the email sequences and landing pages).
  • One of the world's leading personal development speakers got 600 – 800 attendances per event
  • An online guitar lessons company experienced a 48% increase in sales from a sales page.
  • A financial institution achieved a 21% response rate from direct mail to a cold list. It took their responses from being previously under 10%% to between 70 - 80%.
  • A franchisor doubled their annual turnover from one info pack.
  • A cleaning company got so many calls from the Yellow Pages they had to recruit more people in the 1st 3 weeks.
  • An FMCG company achieved 74 media mentions from a product launch.
  • A carpet retailer achieved a 52% response from a cold, industry-specific prospecting campaign (with a gimmick enclosed).



What Clients Say About Words that Sell Founder, Kristina Mills

"The most results-producing marketing person"

“Kris Mills is without a doubt the most ‘results producing’ marketing person in Australia. I have used many over the years and nothing compares to Kris’s writing ability and strategic marketing thinking. Her style is punchy, direct and it works. Every time I use Kris’s services she produces results.”

Rob Nixon
Rob Nixon Panalitix

“Produces positive results”

“I’ve known Kristina for around 15 years… She has a rare talent for communicating powerfully, clearly and effectively. Her depth of marketing knowledge is amazing and she produces positive results. In addition to this, I’ve found her to be honest and pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend that you contact her if you wish to massively grow your business.

Steve Szabo
Steve Szabo Protecsys

“Doubled our turnover”

” In short, our turnover has more than doubled in the last financial year, during a recession and much of that has been due to your great service. Your marketing pack has car dealers instantly ready to deal with us. This used to take two – three months of hard selling.”

Warwick Lindsay
Warwick Lindsay MagicEzy

“What she does with words is genius”

“Once in a while we cross paths with a special person, someone who is highly talented and a leader in their given field. It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kristina Mills, I am able to say, is one of those special people. She is without a doubt, the best copywriter and strategic marketer I’ve encountered anywhere in Australia.

Simply put, Kristina is a marketing magician. What she does with words is genius. Her ability to create marketing and promotional pieces and strategies that actually work makes her my first choice whenever I need to generate more sales enquiry for my business.”

Peter Hutton
Peter Hutton Hutton Real Estate

“… invaluable in the development of our marketing systems”

“ Kris, thank you for everything! To say I’m happy with what you have done for us would be an understatement. You have been invaluable to the development of the marketing systems within our franchise system. And the marketing strategies you have written for our clients have also worked a treat. Look, over the years I’ve rubbed shoulders with a number of accomplished marketing strategists, through my international business dealings, and from what I have experienced, I consider you to be one of the most talented copywriters and strategists in Australia … and possibly the world. ”

Nic Clark
Nic Clark Cofounder - 10X

“You managed to increase sales by a real 48%”

 Thank you for your work Kris. I am very impressed with the quality and response from Guitar Tips and have recommended you to all my business friends. I wanted to get my message across to people that I truly have a great product…but just could not find the right words to use! After you guys re-wrote my message – You managed to increase my online sales by a real 48% and my existing customers are now recommending it to all their friends because they love it so much! Well done Kris and I will continue to use your services for many of my future ventures if you keep up this high standard.”

Chris Elmore Guitar Tips
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