Where to mention it?

At the beginning? At the end? Somewhere in the middle?

Many copywriters put it at the end because they believe that’s the most logical place to put it. Many times (but not all) they are wrong.

There are certain times when it is best to communicate the price at the beginning of a sales letter.

In other situations it’s COPYWRITING SUICIDE to mention the price upfront before you have communicated the benefits of the product.

In short:

  • Cheap prices –- shout them from the rooftops in your headline.
  • Outrageously expensive prices –- in some situations (but not all) it actually works better getting the price out of the way upfront. Telling the audience that this is the most expensive widget on the face of the planet but here’s why.
  • Don’t end a marketing piece with the price as that’s an invitation for them to judge the value of the product on the price alone.
    In most situations though … the key is to build value so when the reader sees the price, they can instantly connect the price to the return they are likely to get on their investment.
  • NEVER DO THIS: Never simply put the price at the end of the sales letter because that’s where you figure price should go. After all, the price is one of THE most important pieces of body copy you write so it’s vital that it’s mentioned at the right time.

The subject of positioning and justifying price is a big subject so I just can’t squeeze it into this report. You will however, learn more about in our mentoring program.