Want your landing pages to convert better?
This alone can triple your sales.

With the right people seeing the right landing page with the right offer, you can secure landing page conversion rates as high as 85%.

Now – 85% is abnormal but if your landing page is converting at less than 50% there’s room for improvement.

If you’re running FB ads, let’s say you spend $1 every time someone clicks on your page.

If your landing page is converting at 10% it’s costing you $10 to attract a lead but if your landing page is converting at 50%, that’s $2 per lead.

Let’s say your aim is to add 1000 people to your email list. That means with a poor performing landing page it could cost you $10,000.

With a high performing one it could cost you $2,000.

So how do you get your landing pages to convert better?

One of the most overlooked yet most powerful elements on a landing page is this ….

THE CTA Button (Call to Action Button)

Here are some quick tips to improve performance.

1. Colour

Make it a bright colour that stands out from the rest of your branding.

Don’t worry about following your brand style guide when it comes to CTA buttons. In fact, go opposite.

The more it stands out, the more responses you’ll get.

2. The Text.

People are often lazy when it comes to writing button text. They often use ‘submit’ or download’.

Recently Hubspot did some research on the most powerful CTA text using the most commonly used words:

Here they are in order of effectiveness (the first being the best)

Click Here – 32%
Go – 24%
Submit – 20%
Download – 14%
Register – 8%

3. The Design Elements Around It

Don’t put super flashy colours, backgrounds or design elements around your button (unless it’s an arrow). It distracts the reader from clicking through.

Make it simple and use a lot of contrast.

4. Does it work?

Yes, that sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at how many landing pages have buttons that don’t work or go through to the wrong page.

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