I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bullet points!

Get them right and they sell up a storm.

The first thing to consider when writing bullet points is this:

They need to be benefit-focused NOT feature-focused. (This is very important so be sure to burn that into your memory banks).

Treat each one like a mini-headline. Each one should focus on a different benefit that the reader will experience when they buy the product or service.

Some copywriters treat bullet points as an opportunity to go into great length describing the products’ colours and range and features –- much like you would see in catalogue copy.

PLEASE don’t do this.

Sure, there’s absolutely a place to write about features BUT features don’t make the sale. Benefits do.

Remember what I said about bullet points being mini-headlines? That means they need to be short and snappy. The most powerful bullets by far are one-liners so be sure to keep them short.

So –- next time you’re writing your copy, apply these principles, add some bullets and you’ll soon start to see an increase in results.