One of the copywriting fundamentals is to include a powerful offer in your copy. Trouble is, many people figure that if they simply mention their powerful offer in their copy it will significantly improve responses.

Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t.

The key thing that many copywriters omit is the use of one of the most powerful advertising words ever.

That word is “because”.

You see, buyers are sceptical – today more than ever. When you offer a great deal, they instantly think to themselves, ‘What’s the catch?’ BUT -– if you speak from your heart and explain the genuine reasons why you are making the offer, their hearts will open too. 

The word “because” also works like wildfire in other areas of your copy, including:

  • Why the company stands out from competitors.
  • Why the product is so outstanding.
  • Why the company started.
  • Why the reader will get certain results using the product. Why you’re offering a guarantee and more …
    … wherever you mention one of the key benefits back it up with the word “because” or “here’s why”.

Here’s an example of this technique in action …

With my Mentoring Program, I make some really big special offers. I also be strictly limiting the number of participants I allow onto the program.

Not only that, people also have the opportunity to take part at a HEAVILY DISCOUNTED rate.

Why so CHEAP?

The reason why I’m taking this approach is that this program is a pilot program for this type of mentoring. With that, I’m super keen to fill up the program quickly by making it easy for people to take part. My hope is for participants to enjoy great results and then provide me with testimonials and success stories that I can use for promoting future programs.

As I mentioned, there is also a strict limit to the numbers of people I’m allowing into the program. I’ve done this for an important reason, as well.
Simply, I am really keen to give as much, high quality one-on-one feedback as possible. This is only possible with a small number of participants.