If I were to tell you that certain words when used in a headline have a powerful impact on people -– you might say, “Yes, I already know that.”

You might also be aware of a well-recognised list of words hailed as the most powerful advertising words of all time.
When I first started out in 1992, I would grab my list of powerful advertising words and enthusiastically insert the most relevant words into my copy.

Some of those words made the copy (and the results) sizzle. Others worked okay. But there was one simple word on that list that was like

STEROIDS for any marketing piece.

I’d change the copy to incorporate this word and KAPOW — instant increase in responses every time.

At first I wondered why this word was so powerful but then something

I learnt in my ancient wisdom studies kicked in and it all made suddenly made perfect sense.

That word is YOU.

So you really don’t need to get fancy and sophisticated in your writing.

In many situations you can add just one word to the sales copy and KAPOW — instant increase.

Here’s another “words that sell” secret

There’s another very important word that doesn’t make it onto the lists of powerful advertising words yet it’s a word that the great copywriters use over and over again.

The greatest marketing pieces of all time feature this word too yet it isn’t often talked about in copywriting courses.

I talk about this in the next secret.