If you’re female you may wonder whether you have what it takes to write copy for a macho kind of product like power tools.

If you’re male you might feel you’re in unknown territory writing about women’s hygiene products.

Sure, the writing styles can be very different for each market – absolutely they can. But if you ever worry whether you have what it takes to write for a completely different market, here’s some good news …

Simply apply the copywriting formula and apply the complete system. When you apply the exercises inside the system you’ll find something unusual happens to your writing.

Now this part is weird but it works …

Armed with such a great understanding of the audience, the product and the formula, you suddenly find your writing style actually changes to suit the market.

If you’re female and you naturally write in a softer, feminine style and you’re writing copy for a very masculine audience, you’ll magically find that you start writing in “man-speak”. True.

Of course, writing in a “man speak” style isn’t essential to write winning copy for a male-oriented product but it will add to your results.

At worst, if you just apply the copywriting formula and use your own writing style, it will still work.

Again, be sure to really immerse yourself in the “Missing Element” when you write.