The most important element of any email campaign is the subject line. After all, your email subject line is what will make people either want to click on and read your email or send it straight to the “junk” folder.

Those few words might be the first and only thing that will catch your recipient’s attention.

There are good and not so good styles of subject lines to it’s important to know more about the nature of the email subject line and why people click on it, before you send your next email campaign.

Also, be sure to split test subject lines to see which ones give the greatest click-through.

Here are some great suggestions for your subject line.

1. Recipient’s name

“Fred, here’s the widget I promised” or “here’s the widget I promised”. A few years ago, personalizing the email subject line was a must for greater click-through. Today, it depends on the email savviness of your list. Today, people realize that personalization is easy to do and that most emails with personalization are sales-focused emails and not personal ones.

2. Simple and concise words

Make your subject line stand out among the inbox clutter by using as few words as possible. Use short but persuasive words that will rouse the interest of the reader.

3. Upper case letter

Done on rare and special occasions, using upper case letters can improve your delivery rate. However, it is best to capitalize only one word in your subject line so you will not send your email will not be labeled as spam.

4. Special characters

Some people may be tempted to draw the attention of your reader to your email topic by using special character eg. Huge $avings @!

It can attract attention but don’t go overboard. And again, make sure you test.

Even #@*!! As a subject line can work if your email is full of passion.

5. Solution-based approach

If you are promoting anti-spam software, try an email topic like this: “How to get rid of pesky spams for good”.

6. Top or Best Lists

If you only provide chunks of information in your subject line, it can deliver the same message as a paragraph-size article. Use your top 10, 3 best list, etc. to make it more striking.

Eg. My Top 3 Hottest B2B Iphone Apps

7. Trigger words

In the offline world, people often pay attention to what you are saying if you include key words like “Free Download”, “Limited Offer”, “New and Exclusive” and “SAVE”.

In the online world (when it comes to email) these may or may not work. You see, subject lines like “Limited Offer” make people see that you’re trying to sell them something and unless they’re a regular customer, they aren’t necessarily in buying mode when they see your email so you may find that the click-thru rate is lower.

Having said that, time-based discount offers often work well eg. Tax time tools savings can work well if you’re sending out to existing customers just before the end of financial year.

8. Witty or curiosity-generating remarks

Depending on your base audience, you can use intriguing words to make them laugh or get curious about your email.
Subject lines like … “Dohh!!!”, “Crazy”, “They did it again …”, “Mumma Mia!”, “Ya gotta love it!”

Since your subject line is the central factor that delineates between the high readability of your email and sending it through the trash bin, you need to take A/B testing seriously. Determine what works for you and stick to it so you will not waste your time, lose prospects, and send sales hurtling down the drain.

Do remember the following:

• Sharing the central theme of your message
• Emphasizing the benefits of your product or service
• Steering clear from gimmicky words

When you have hit on the ideal combination for creating impressive email subject lines, do not just hope and pray it will work forever. Keep track of your email promotions – open rates and conversions – so you can change your words accordingly and improve your responses.