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Blogging is a really powerful way to build your authority, attract an audience and improve your search engine rankings.

Google still loves fresh content but the challenge is, the old rules of blog copywriting have changed.

In the old days, companies would get a foreign crowd-sourced copywriter to (umm) repurpose existing content and pump out a gazillion blog posts for your site.

Now, Google and other search engines have gotten smarter – much smarter.

Their algorithm now looks for expertise in the content and content that is shown in a variety of different formats including ’10 tips’ kind of articles, video blogs, infographics, story-telling, statistical references and more.

As copywriters who love blogging, we specialise in writing entertaining compelling blogs that pitch you as an expert.

Remember too, that one of the keys to achieving awesome blogging results  is to do it regularly. That’s why you’ll want a series of regular blog posts to add to your feed.

The first steps are to:


Build a blog content plan and answers these 7 questions:

  1. What you want your blogging content  to achieve?
  2. Who is your audience and what are their hopes, fears, dreams and frustrations in relation to your product or service?
  3. What do you want your blog post readers to feel and experience when they read your blog?
  4. What is your brand personality/brand essence and what blog copywriting tone will best reflect your personality?
  5. How you can you not only deliver outstanding, expert content but also weave in social proof relating to your company?
  6. Which stories will show you as likeable and build a strong level of rapport rapidly?
  7. How can your writing style stand out and entertain your audience?

For irresistible, cheeky, compelling, deep, contrarian or any other type of blog copywriting, let Kristina’s team of expert blog copywriters help. Call us now on +617 5309 6913 We’re located on the Sunshine Coast but we work with clients from everywhere – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, USA, UK, Singapore and NZ.