Founder & CEO

Kristina is the founder and CEO and heart and soul of Words that Sell which she started 25 years ago.

She built it into a successful marketing consultancy and founded many other businesses including International Writers & Consultants Academy, Luminary Leaders Institute, and CoachCauldron.com

She is the author of over over 10 courses on marketing and copywriting, and author of 'Superconscious Genius' and 'Energy Force Genius'.

Her passion is helping inspirational thought leaders  touch more lives with their message by giving them access to all the strategies, creative, and training to help them live their mission.


When you work with us you'll get a team of highly trained, hand-picked world-class direct response copywriters, guru digital marketers, account managers, PPC strategists, and sales-focused designers all operating from their genius zone to help you grow your sales.

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