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One of the big hurdles I faced when I started (and it’s also one that many copywriting students face)is being obsessed with getting the copy perfect.

They worry that their copy isn’t going to work or that the client isn’t going to like it.

They don’t know when to hang up their keyboard and say that copy is finished.


NO copy is EVER perfect. But as long as it follows the formula you’ll get some sort of result.

You can have 10 copywriters write a piece of copy and all will come up with something different –- all might be great pieces of copy -– but they will all be different.

You can ask those same 10 copywriters to provide feedback on one piece of existing copy and each of them will make adjustments and you’ll end up with 10 different pieces.

Who has the right answer?

And what does perfect mean, really?

Ultimately, it’s only your buyers who decide which works best and ultimately they will vote with their wallets.

The point is, does your copy follow the right formula?

Have you applied the other copywriting fundamentals?

If you can answer YES to these questions, it will produce results.

So –- don’t worry about perfection. Just take a deep breath and put it out there.