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These are the MOST IMPORTANT 7 or so words you’ll write. Get them wrong and the sale is history before it even begins. Your reader won’t even bother reading your sales copy … even if the rest of it is the most compelling piece you have ever written.

So you absolutely need to spend a large amount of time getting that headline right. In fact, 50% or more of your copywriting time should be devoted to the crafting of the headline. But the upside is …

… when you nail that headline writing the rest of the copy is a piece of cake.

Sure, you may end up with a list of 5 to 10 headlines you don’t use, but these headlines often make awesome subheadings. Or bullets. Or use them to test future advertising pieces.

They offer a trailer load of kindling to fire up the selling power of your copy.

Plus, make sure you add them to your Headline Swipe File and catalogue them. That way you’ll have even more inspiration for future copywriting projects.

Seriously, this is vital.

But here’s the interesting thing …

You don’t need to obsess and worry about which headline will work best. Just borrow from winning headlines that have worked in the past. Play with them. Tweak them to suit your product and market.

As I’ve already mentioned, you really don’t need to be completely original and re-invent the wheel.