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The Secret is Weaving Together an Intelligent Strategy, 'Telepathic Targeting', 'High ROI Traffic Generation' & 'Words that Sell' 

We build proven client attraction systems that maximise your ROI ... for professional service firms, accountants, consultants, coaches & creative professionals who are hell-bent on scaling up.






The 'Words that Sell' Difference?


If you're keen to end the hit-and-miss client attraction activities and create a steady stream of highly qualified clients rolling through your doors, we can help you with direct response marketing campaigns, copywriting, landing pages, email marketing systems, & Facebook Advertising that gets results.

Why us?

The secret to producing consistent results isn't in having the technical ability to put up a Facebook Ad or the design ability to create a pretty website.

It's about strategy and direct response copy that sells.

Then it's also about which levers to pull with the 'traffic generation' techie stuff to optimise your ads.

We're a full service digital marketing agency that has been in the direct response (and now digital) marketing game for 25 years specialising in driving big sales improvements for professional services firms, consultants, training companies, coaches, finance industry companies, franchisors and accounting firms.

That means we have the wisdom, the strategic depth of experience, and the results on the board to drive home a result for you.




  • 6,500 leads in 24 hours from 1 x list building EDM (email) Their target was 3,000
  • 958 webinar registrations over a week. They were hoping for 500.
  • $104,520 in sales made in 1 week from a program beta launch email campaign promoting a $780 product.
  • 6% conversion rate from an email list of 1500. They were expecting 3%
  • $90,000 ex-GST in sales for a coaching company in two weeks from a lead funnel we created and a $1500 ad spend.
  • Attracted high ticket consulting projects of $100,000, $260,000, $165,000 and more.


  • Over 800 registrations to a personal development seminar – the biggest they’ve ever had.
  • 1200 registrations to a mortgage elimination seminar ad in Melbourne.
  • Consistently produced 100 – 200 responses to a mortgage elimination seminar ad in Brisbane and 500+ responses to a mortgage elimination ad in Sydney.


  • An online training company produced a 48% sales increase from a sales page we wrote.
  • Drove the marketing for a start-up property investment consultancy that went from zero to $3.4 million in commissions in 18 months.
  • A home service franchisor got a 1000% improvement in return on advertising money spend .
  • A franchisor's annual turnover doubled from one advertising pack.
  • An office equipment retailer generated a 324% increase in responses.

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Nothing compares to Kris’ writing ability and strategic marketing thinking”

“Kris Mills is without a doubt the most ‘results producing’ marketing person in Australia. I have used many over the years and nothing compares to Kris’s writing ability and strategic marketing thinking. Her style is punchy, direct and it works. Every time I use Kris’s services she produces results.”

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